Black Women Deserve Luxury

The rules are changing and black women are evolving. Luxury should be afforded to everyone, but sadly black women aren’t seen as recipients to luxury. We need to stop and change the narrative in 2021.

As long as I can remember, I wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex & the City” and you want to know why? There weren’t any luxurious black writers on screen with as much style and grace as Carrie. Now as an emerging luxury chaser and growing black woman, I am saddened that we didn’t have any representation outside of Whitley from “A Different World” played by Jasmine Guy or Claire Huxtable from “The Cosby show” played by the beautiful Phylicia Rashad. We had Hilary from “Fresh Prince” played by Karyn Parsons, but of course she can’t be rich andddddd smart.

Black Women Deserve Luxury

I wanted to see black writers in the city being sexy, buying luxury items, and travelling the world. However, those narratives were only replaced with white women with rich husbands or competitive jobs. Nowadays, black women are reclaiming their right to have the same things as others including luxury bags, meals, and more.

Listen, Brown Girl…

You deserve all of the luxury you can afford and to work as hard as you need to receive and don’t let a damn person stop you. Be your amazing self and strut your stuff in a room full of the BEST of them.


Coach Jasmine

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