About Me

Coach Jasmine Jackson


Life Coaching Professional

Nice to meet you, Goddess. My name is Jasmine Jackson, and I am a highly effective, certified Life Coach. My passion is helping women to heal from toxic relationships, friendships, overworked, under appreciated. I teach women how to create vibrant, healthy lifestyles, reach their goals, and help women to discover their lane.

Coach Jasmine Jackson

As a young woman, I've been through some of the craziest situations and relationships. If anyone understands being broken, disgusted, tired of the same cycles of ups, downs, and feeling like you wanted more, it was me. 

At 28-years-old, I was a side chick with a baby daddy, overweight, and running away from my own shadows. That was the last birthday that I would ever be down and out. I sprinted straight for the gold with myself, I lost 90 pounds naturally, completed my life coach certification, broke up with my excuses and the man that I was in love with because damn it... I loved me more...

At 31, I have written and produced a printable journal called "Capturing & Renewing Mind, Body, and Soul" and one hardcopy journal entitled "Sis, Chase Yourself" to help women who look like me and experienced similar situations reclaim themselves and their throne. 

Today, I am free. I am happy and I am tapping into my full, divine self. Allow me to help you transition into a new goddess full of happiness, positive goal-setting, and overall mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy!