Sis, Chase Yourself: Self-Discovery and finding peace

Sis, Chase Yourself: Self-Discovery and finding peaceSis, Chase Yourself: Self-Discovery and finding peace

Staff Writer: Zionna McGirt 


Discovering who you are is a part of your everyday choices. In any given predicament, the actions and words that you choose can shape who you are. The things you like and don’t like are a part of who you are.


Self-Discovery is about fine tuning your preferences; as a child, you tell your parents what you would and wouldn’t like to have in your life. As a teenager, life suddenly shifts into a world of new peers and blended interests that you can forget or keep hidden to blend in to relate to others. Everyone is currently on a journey in different places and paths, but sometimes we all need a push to continue on the journey. 


Here are a few steps to help you on your self-discovery journey:


Step 1: Rid yourself of negative people, energy and environments

Step 2: Know your worth 

Step 3: Relearn yourself


Your weaknesses and strengths are also a key part of your journey. Being afraid/skeptical is expected but not necessary. In order to achieve your desired path, you must first get uncomfortable. Every emotion you have experienced, past and present, is important and necessary to learn about the individual you are evolving into. 


Goddess, I want you to spend this time discovering, learning, and understanding who you are and why you deserve everything in the world. You are amazing and powerful. The things you do in your life are meaningful and you are meant to learn from every part of your life. Be true to who you are and never allow anyone to stop your destiny.


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