Vitamin D, summer time, and the benefits of it all

Vitamin D, summer time, and the benefits of it all 

Written by Staff: Zionna McGirt 

 Sis, It’s summertime, get your vitamin D in!

Goddess,  we need our vitamins to prosper and shine, but do you know the benefits of the vitamins you are taking? There are ample benefits of Vitamin D, for both inner and outer body functions. We can’t start the discussion with the pros of Vitamin D without discussing what it is for the body.

Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient that helps to strengthen your nerves, immune system, muscles and bones. Vitamin D works along with calcium to protect both your bones and teeth. The calcium in milk is absorbed by vitamin D into the body. Vitamin D not only decreases inflammation in the body, but also provides your immune system with the banging ability to protect and fight against infections. 

Now that you know a few ways Vitamin D can improve and assist your body, let's discuss sources in which to get it from. When it comes to vitamin D being incorporated in your diet, egg yolks, salmon, canned tuna, fortified orange juice, milk and beef liver are a few foods that will add an improvement of vitamin D levels in your body. While the sun is known as a common producer of vitamin D, it does have limitations including the time of day and year, the amount of melanin present, and/or the application of sunscreen. 

Remember Goddess, everyone’s body is different, check with a doctor for the right supplements needed for you. Have a wonderful summer and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen every time you step out!

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